بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم    

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

 **We ugently need £20-25k to finish the internal work by end of 2018**

Prayer Time Table: Prayer_timetable_Dec_2018.pdf

*TIA details updated. Click on Education from the toolbar*



For men only classes at Tan Bank Click on the document below. Separate arrangements will be made for sisters when we shift to King Street Insha-Allah



New Arabic Language and Quraan classes

New Arabic Language and Quraan classes, at King Street mosque, for boys and girls (5-12 years) will start on Sunday 07/10/2018, if you would like to enrol your child, please download the registration and working agreement forms and bring the completed forms, the class and registration fees and your child to king street mosque on Sunday 07/10/18 at 10:30 sharp. All proceeds, minus costs, go to SIF.

Blank_activity_registration_form.doc  l   Class_fees_calculation.docx l       working_agreement.docx


 Sisters Halaqa

Sisters (over 18 years) Halaqa. Friday 11.30-12.30 At King Street. All proceeds to SIF. Email for details


Islamic Essentials with Maulana Fahad (private event). Every Sunday

Click on link for details Islamic_Essentials.jpg



The Shropshire and Telford United Womens Association (STUWA) is running various activities. For a registration form click HERE.

Come and join the Quilting project to celebrate 50 years of the founding of Telford. For further details click HERE


SIF Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held on 9th September and very well attended, the best for many years. Mashallah it was gratifying to see so many brothers turn out to celebrate the year's successes and to offer their thanks and appreciation to the Trustees and outgoing committee for their work over the past year. To view the presentation and accounts click on the links below. We hope to have an Annual Report to give out soon, especially for those unable to attend the meeting, those without the necessary IT expertise to view the files below and for external stakeholders. In the future the report will most likely replace the Annual Meeting.




Want to volunteer for the mosque as a SIF Associate?

Click here for the application form and click here for the background to the new structure and teams you might want to contribute to. Email us for queries on the above email.


Want to run a class? See below for an application form. Please note, all classes that come under the broad heading of "Islamic" will need approval from the Trustees/Imaam Group. You are advised to read the terms and condition on the acceptance document (embedded in the application form) before applying. Please note NO classes or activity can take place on SIF premises without formal approval via the application form


Shropshire Islamic Foundation is a registered Islamic charity. It incorporates the Telford Central Mosque (King St), Tan Bank Mosque, Telford Islamic Academy and STUWA*.

The Foundation has its headquarters in the West Midland’s town of Telford, within the scenic county of Shropshire. Telford is 48 kilometres west of Birmingham.

Tan bank mosque, the first mosque in Telford, had over the years become too small for our growing congregation and offered no scope for expansion or additional space for ladies. For a number of years we have been working very hard to convert a large complex of buildings at King Street, Wellington into a state-of-the-art Mosque. Our vision will see over 900 Muslims men praying in a spacious and comfortable Mosque. The new facilities also include a 250 + area designated for ladies. Both are partially in use, awaiting heating, lighting, dome and ceiling work to be finished off over the next few months.

When phase 1 is finished, there will be prayer space for over 1100 men and ladies, a single site for boys and girls madrassa, social, education, and leisure classes. Phase two will include funeral, sports and events facilities. This is our vision.

We appeal to you for your help. Donate now, and help us build a house of Allah, a noble project, building a future for Muslims and the wider community.

**We ugently need £35-40k to finish the internal work by end of November 2018**

How you can help:

  • DONATEwe accept cash, cheque, bank transfer, standing order or via our website (sort code 40-46-04 A/c 91452320)
  • QARD-E-HASNAoffer us a goodwill Islamic loan – we will pay back every penny
  • VOLUNTEER – raise money for us by working with our Fundraising Officers



“If you offer up to Allah a goodly loan, He will amply repay you for it, and will forgive you your sins: for Allah is ever responsive to gratitude, forbearing.”Qur’an 64:17


 For any enquiries email: