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About Us

Shropshire Islamic Foundation incorporates the Telford Central Mosque at 41 Tan Bank, Wellington, the Islamic Academy at 88-90 King Street, Wellington and all properties and assets under its banner. It is managed by three Trustees: Dr Mujahid Qureshi, Mr Shah Sawar Bhatti and Dr Shaukat Ali. The trustees are supported by the Executive Committee and Chairperson.

Shropshire Islamic Foundation is based in the scenic West Midlands town of Telford, within the green county of Shropshire. The town is 48 kilometres from Birmingham and prides itself as the birthplace of industry. The county is home to the world famous Iron Bridge crossing the river Severn near the town of Ironbridge –build by an 18th Century Ironmaster, Abraham Darby.

Telford is a town that was initially home to a handful of Muslim families – currently it has the largest concentration of Muslims in the county. Our multicultural society allows people from all cultures and all walks of life to come together.

The question is where – and we are trying to answer that very important question. Our current project, to build a Mosque and Islamic Academy is more than just bricks and mortar – it is designed to fulfil the requirements of our society today. At the centre of our vision lies education and community cohesion – and these are the values which we embrace.

The ethnic diversity and demographic mix of all ages gives the county a vibrant feel. There is a wide ethnic mix of Muslims, and our congregation consists of people from all backgrounds.

With increasing numbers of Muslims within the shire, comes a need more than ever to construct a facility to allow for prayer and education. Current facilities at Tan Bank are insufficient and this has been highlighted during Eid or Friday prayers where the current Mosque is unable to accommodate all those who come to pray – allowing for a capacity of only 300 men.