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What we currently offer:
• Daily prayers are held at Tan Bank Mosque whilst Friday prayers, Eid and Taraweeh prayers are held at King St, Wellington
• Qur’an classes
• Youth activities
• Madrassa and adult education

We are working towards establishing the following facilities once our Islamic centre is built and running:

• Mosque accommodating 1000 Muslims to pray in a spacious and comfortable areas
• Praying facilities for women – the first one in Shropshire
• Islamic Academy
• Da’wah work and education classes
• Wudu and toilet area
• Community centre allowing for a wide range of activities
• Education centre and library
• Funeral services

We endeavour to improve understanding of Islam, and to further its teachings. Our aim is to offer opportunities to learn about Islam and become a point of contact for all people wanting to know more about our religion.