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Funeral Services

Funeral Services are currently organised by an independent committee, Death Committee. They are independent of Shropshire Islamic Foundation and co-ordinate funeral services within Shropshire.

There are two funeral companies which undertake Muslim burial – one based in Telford and the other in Wolverhampton. Their details can be accessed via the Death Committee.

Currently Janazah, funeral prayer services, are held at our Mosque at 41 Tan Bank.

Once our Project is complete and Telford Islamic Academy is up and running our plans for funeral services with include:
• Preparation of body for funeral and burial
• Facilities to wash deceased
• Maintain body in cold storage
• Full catering services
• Halls for men and women
• 24 hour availability
• Easy access with car parking

The Death Committee will still play an important role for arranging the above and liaising closely with Shropshire Islamic Foundation. The Death Committee will work alongside our Foundation.