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Lunch with Shropshire Islamic Foundation 2014

Shropshire Islamic Foundation hosts Lunch 2014.


Shropshire Islamic Foundation hosted a very successful segregated family event on 15th February 2014. It was held at New College in Wellington, and saw over an estimated 250 members of the community in attendance.

The afternoon started with a Qirat by Dr Wasif Siddiqui, and was co-presented by Dr Faraaz Bhatti and Usman Ahmed - both whom opened, facilitated and ended the afternoon.

Guest speaker maulana Rasheed sahab from Wolverhampton was invited to the stage who presented an interesting talk early in the afternoon captivating the audience. This was followed by a break for zohr salah. 

Syed Basha and Adil bhai led the next part of the proceedings - the auction, which successfully raised approximately £925. This was a very impressive addition to the afternoon, which saw some very nice items being auctioned. A big thank you to those who donated the items, to Syed bhai, Adil bhai, and to those who participated in this part of the event.

Soon after the auction, a tasty lunch was offered - but not before talented 10 year old Ibrahim Iqbal offered a nasheed to the audience. He impressed everyone with a superb voice, relaying inspirational words - a big thank you  to Ibrahim!

Dr Faraaz Bhatti and Usman Ahmed continued to co-present to the end of the programme which was closed by a dua recited by maulana Suleman sahab.

A big thank you to the brothers and sisters who made this event extremely successful. There was an excellent turnout, especially from the ladies' side. Thanks to guest speaker maulana Rasheed sahab. Thanks to maulana Suleman sahab for his encouraging support.

And last but not least, thanks to the Trustees, executive committee and co-presenters who worked incredibly hard to bring this event to the community.

We all look forward to the next one!

All proceeds to go towards the King Street Project - building a purpose-built Mosque for Shropshire.