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Snowdon Challenge 2014


A group of Shropshire Islamic Foundation fundraisers attempted the Snowdon Challenge on Sunday 27th April 2014.

The atmosphere was brilliant, the team were full of energy and ready to embark on one of the most difficult climbs they will endure. Mt Snowdon, being one of the tallest points in the British Isles after the Scottish highlands.

The trek was hard, the climb pushing each trekker with miles of rugged mountainous terrain. The team took 2 hours 20 minutes climbing 3.5 miles up towards the peak - at 3560 feet. The weather was pleasant, with a light breeze. As we climbed, the air became cold and crisp, with a windy breeze. There was elation when the team reached the peak of Snowdon.

The route down was just as tricky, with the calves taking a hammering, rather than quadriceps on the way up. The team had an amazing view of the lakes on the way down and in fact ate lunch near one before carrying onwards. The four miles trek back to the van revealed wonderful views of the surrounding moutainside and lakes.

Shropshire Islamic Foundation would like to thank the team, in no particular order:
Brother Bilal for driving the team to and from the mountain range and brothers: W Iqbal, S Mahmood, J Malik, Z Malik, H Malik, M Ahmed, Dr A Jan, Dr S Ali, S Basha, Z Ahmed, U Ahmed and Dr F Bhatti.

Tired legs did not hamper the team effort to get to the peak and return to the bottom knowing that they were walking for the house of Allah. The team and Shropshire Islamic Foundation would like to thank all sponsors who supported them to achieve their goal. All money raised will go towards building a purpose-built house of Allah for Shropshire.